Farmers Welcome Fall

Fall is in full swing and farmers markets that were brimming with summer produce are now showcasing root vegetables, apples, potatoes and pumpkins. Although the variety of produce changes with the seasons, the wide-ranging benefits of crop protection products do not. Here are some quick facts on the benefits of crop protection products specifically for fall produce, courtesy of CropLife Foundation’s blog, Pesticide Guy:

  • Research has shown that the use of fungicides on carrots increases yields by 4 – 8 tons/acre.
  • Farmers in North Carolina rely on insecticide treatments to protect their sweet potatoes from destructive wireworms.
  • Apples, a healthful part of the American diet, are available in abundance during the fall months thanks to the responsible use of pesticides.

In addition to harvesting fall fruits and vegetables, many farms are busy planning “agritainment” activities. Although crop production is still the primary activity for most farmers, agritainment has been steadily gaining popularity. Whether hosting a “u-pick-it” day for visitors to select their own apples or haunted hayrides on Halloween, farmers are finding versatile ways of building relationships with consumers and re-imagining the purpose of their farms. These programs and events provide valuable opportunities for farmers to educate visitors about what food production really looks like.

Modern agriculture innovations extend to these agritainment activities, as well. Although farmers across the U.S. were tested this year by drought-like conditions, the introduction of drought-tolerant seeds prevented huge losses in production and also make it possible to now wander through a corn maze on a fall day. And rot-free pumpkins for carving Jack-o-lanterns would be in short supply without the help of fungicides.

The October Tell Me More newsletter will have more about the benefits of crop protection products for fall produce and festivities.

Leave us a comment below and share your favorite fall agritainment activity!


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