Make a New Year’s Resolution to Earn an MMA!

The start of a new year brings the promise of new opportunities. Whether you’re hoping to kick a habit, renew a gym membership, or eat more fruits and vegetables, now is the time for starting resolutions! One resolution you may not have tried before, though, is to actively speak up about the importance of modern agriculture. There are many ways to achieve that goal, and CropLife America’s Masters in Modern Agriculture (MMA) degree program is one easy way to show your pride and become an advocate. The program requires that participants complete two online quizzes and submit a brief essay that communicates an important aspect of modern agriculture. All participants will receive a certificate and one-of-a-kind MMA lapel pin. Click this link to learn more about the program and start the first quiz!

Many CropLife America members and allies earned their MMAs in 2012 and are busy advocating for agriculture. For those who have already earned the honorary degree, you can always spread the word by sending the link to the Tell Me More site to a co-worker, peer or friend.

This year, CropLife America celebrates its 80th Anniversary! Stay tuned to the blog for our “80 Things You Didn’t Know About Agriculture” series that commemorates 80 years of industry progress.


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