Ag Trends to Watch

Agriculture is all about trying new things to figure out where improvements and discoveries are possible. This year will be no exception to that kind of innovation, from the latest gadgets to the most outlandish and flavorful delicacies. Here are just a few agriculture-related trends to look out for in 2013:

The Big Ag Picture features a slideshow that predicts some of the big issues that will impact agriculture in 2013. Dealing with the effects of the 2012 drought, developments in the machinery market and the increasing number of women who manage and own farmland are among the top 14 trends. also predicts that cover crops will gain popularity this year as farmers test different varieties.

From sunflower-flavored ice cream to octopus salami, chefs around the country are pushing the boundaries and experimenting with unusual ingredients. A recent New York Times article digs in to the top 10 bold flavors and dishes that emerged in 2012 and will continue to influence cuisine in 2013. Winter produce such as turnips, fennel and kohlrabi make the list as popular choices for their interesting raw flavors.

Mobile Apps
It’s no surprise any longer to see farmers and ranchers using technology in big ways to help improve agricultural practices. CropLife magazine takes a look at newly developed apps for mobile devices that are designed to increase precision and safety on the farm. These technologies allow farmers to analyze and share data, track weather conditions, apply crop protection products more precisely and choose the proper equipment for their needs.


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