80 Things You Need to Know about Agriculture: Week 1

Beginning today and concluding in September, to coincide with CropLife America’s Annual Meeting, the Tell Me More blog will present “80 Things You Need to Know about Agriculture” in celebration of the association’s 80th anniversary. Each week, new facts will be posted that cover important ag topics including biodiversity, crop protection products, nutrition, precision seed protection and more.

Join the celebration! You can help us recognize eight decades of industry progress by sharing facts or a link to the blog on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Modern agricultural products allow farmers to grow crops on less land than was needed before their introduction, in turn preventing natural habitats from being converted into additional farmland.

Farmers use less soil and water thanks to no-till and conservation tillage practices, saving these resources for endangered species and other wildlife.

Agricultural production and the presence of various species of wildlife are part of a balanced ecological system; one could not successfully exist without the other!



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