Spotlight on Seed Technology

A new report confirms what many farmers and industry employees have known for years: precision seed technology is essential to agriculture. The report was conducted by the Humboldt Forum for Food and Agriculture and looks at the economic value of neonicotinoid seed treatments for European farmers. This specific type of precision seed technology is embraced by farmers around the world and involves the application of an insecticide directly to a seed, ensuring effective control against pests that feed on a crop.

Below are some key conclusions from the report:

  • Precision seed technology helps reduce any potential exposure to pesticides on large areas of farmland due to its targeted and low-use application rates, which in turn helps minimize growers’ impact on the environment. Only a small amount of a pesticide is applied to the seed before planting, which allows for reduced application and a reduction in exposure potential. Less than 1 percent of a given area is treated in comparison to an equivalent spray application ;
  • A ban or suspension of neonicotinoid seed treatment use across the EU could result in the loss of 50,000 farm jobs;
  • As noted by the Director General of the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA), neonicotinoid seed treatments “contribute more than €2 billion annually to commodity crop revenues…across the EU.”

The report findings re-iterate the need for this important agricultural application that benefits farmers in the EU and all regions of the world. Global precision seed technology sales are anticipated to exceed $3 billion by 2016.

A dedicated website that accompanies the report contains additional videos and helpful links with more information on the value of precision seed technology.


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