Ag Trendsetters

Who do you think belongs on the list of greatest trendsetters in agriculture?

Some of the great names in agriculture include well-known inventors like Eli Whitney and George Washington Carver as well as geneticists and plant scientists, philanthropists, Nobel Peace Prize laureates, animal scientists and even U.S. Presidents. Early trendsetters were laying the foundation for modern agriculture long before the advent of the advanced technologies and practices farmers benefit from today. Cyrus McCormick, deemed by some as the “Father of Modern Agriculture,” revolutionized grain harvesting methods with the invention of the horse-drawn reaper in 1831. Other living legends like Howard G. Buffett continue to influence agriculture through outreach efforts and by strengthening global partnerships.

These figures have made their marks as some of the most influential inventors and innovators of all time, but it’s possible to make a difference for agriculture without earning a chapter in a history book! Opportunities for spreading awareness and starting new trends in thinking about the American food system can happen under the most ordinary circumstances. Tell Me More resources are just a few clicks away and can help empower you to speak up on behalf of agriculture when these opportunities arise.

If you want to share a testimonial related to an individual who positively influences agriculture (it could even be you), let CropLife America know!

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