Testimonial: Jay

This year marks the 80th Anniversary of CropLife America and 80 years of industry progress. What are some of the greatest advancements in agriculture and what do you think agriculture will look like 80 years from now?

Modern agriculture to me represents the future, built upon a fabulous history of innovation and hard work by generations of farmers and agribusiness professionals who have paved the way. The single best person to represent this direction is Dr. Norman Borlaug—father of the green revolution and visionary crop researcher. Dr. Borlaug was an accomplished scientist who spent decades toiling in research fields in the developing world to find better combinations of technology to solve farmers’ problems. He was also the most dedicated and effective advocate for Modern Agriculture I ever met. His lifetime inspiration–and now his legacy–tells us we all own a portion of the responsibility to carry on and advance science-based solutions to the real problems that challenge farmers every day.

There are 7 billion reasons to do this—that’s the 7 billion of us who occupy this planet today, all of us hoping to enjoy  three square meals a day.

Crop protection products are such an integral and essential set of components of Modern Agriculture, working in conjunction with high quality plant nutrients, high tech plant breeding, biotechnology and all the other technologies that fit in the farmer’s toolbox. We must continue to invest in research to help guarantee we have tomorrow’s solutions in the pipeline. Modern Ag needs our focused support and ongoing advocacy!

Washington, D.C.

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