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No longer used just as convenient ways of communicating with old classmates, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have integrated into nearly all facets of how we send information and influence others. Farmers would likely never have imagined it 20 years ago, but social media has even become an important agricultural tool used to educate others and change how today’s farmers manage their operations. Here is just a small sample of ways that agriculture is “going social” and reaping the benefits:

  • Social media offers a quick and convenient means of sharing information with consumers in a format that is easy to access and interact with;
  • Agriculture-centric blogs provide information for readers of all backgrounds and cover the gamut of agricultural-themed topics, from food safety to farm policy to healthy eating;
  • Organizations like AgChat Foundation host weekly forums on Twitter (#AgChat or #FoodChat) that are dedicated to connecting advocacy organizations, farmers, agribusinesses and consumers;
  • During the 2012 drought, Twitter served as a forum for farmers to trade helpful tips about how they managed under difficult growing conditions, and many farmers checked Twitter regularly during the drought for weather updates.

Will Gilmer, one of USFRA’s Faces of Farming and Ranching, shared some insights with CLA on how he uses social media to broadcast modern agriculture messages to as many people as possible, oftentimes through humorous and educational YouTube videos.

The possibilities and channels seem endless, but CropLife America’s Tell Me More site is a convenient place to locate and begin sharing facts, blog posts and videos. If you’re looking for more opportunities to jump into the conversations happening through social media, visit CropLife America’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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