Happy Pollinator Week!

This week we celebrate the seventh annual national Pollinator Week! During this weeklong occasion, organizations and individuals will be participating in programs and activities that highlight the important work of pollinators.


Pollinators, especially honey bees, have an immense impact on agriculture. Honey bees are responsible for pollinating a multitude of different crops that are in the foods and beverages we enjoy; it’s estimated that they directly impact one-third of the products we eat. They also help pollinate crops and forage that are consumed by cattle and other farm animals.


One report suggests that adequate pollination not only improves the quantity of a given crop but the quality as well. More efficient pollination can increase the number of seeds that a particular fruit develops, thereby impacting its weight, size and shape. Certain fruits, such as apples, are so reliant upon bee pollination that they cannot fully develop unless a certain number of bees stop by for a visit!


Be sure to download and share the new pollinator-themed poster, now available on the Tell Me More website, and check out these other sites to learn more about pollinators and their impacts on our food supply:





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