Testimonial: Kelsey

What do you think is the biggest public misconception about agriculture? How would you help to fix it?

Author: Kelsey

Location: Manhattan, KS

I believe one of the biggest misconceptions about agriculture is that it is like any other job out there. Farming and ranching is a lifestyle that Americans choose. Farmers go to great lengths to ensure that their livestock are fed and protected, and that the crops in the ground are well cared for and managed so that when you and I go to the grocery store there is food on the shelf. Getting up with the sun to milk cows or working till midnight to harvest the crops before a storm rolls in are just two of the sacrifices America’s farmers make.

Today’s society is further removed from agriculture than it has ever been and therefore there are many misconceptions about the farm. The more exposure we can bring to the general public, the more aware and educated society will be. City farm demonstrations and gardens and “daily farm life” YouTube videos are just two ways farmers and agricultural organizations can work to fix the misconception.

I was raised on a farm and never hesitate to inform friends, neighbors and strangers about agriculture and where our food comes from. I also will invite people to visit the family farm to show them the compassion my family has when caring for the livestock, or the advanced technology that goes into planting and managing a crop.


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