Testimonial: Rex

When have you spoken up on behalf of agriculture, or helped to correct someone’s misconception? What was their reaction?

Author: Rex

Location: Greensboro, NC

For most of my career, I have been a frequent flier and I often take the opportunity to engage the person next to me on their views of agriculture and food production. It always intrigues me when they tell me that big companies control the land and that big production agriculture is harming the environment and the foods we eat. I take this opportunity to share with them my experience as someone that grew up on a farm and is still involved in a small family farm, and how the land, its safety and producing a safe food supply is our focus and the focus of most, if not all, growers. After sharing experiences and enlightening them that we partake of the same food supply, the conversation goes to one of great interest. I then tell them about the great company I work for and how our products have enabled them to have the safe and consistent food supply they take for granted. I share specific stories of how the industry puts safety first and strives to produce more from less which will be required for future generations.


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