Testimonial: Kathleen

Author: Kathleen

Location: Greensboro, NC

I am a healthy eater and have been for all of my life. I always try to shop for my family from the external walls of a grocery store, meaning I stick with fruits, veggies, breads, and dairy products. While visiting with growers during an ag leadership program offered by Purdue, I was amazed by the incredible amount of work, dedication and lifelong struggles it takes to bring high-quality, fresh, delicious and nutritious food to every family.

Whether or not your family eats directly from the farm, the farmer’s market or from a city grocery store, it’s important to recognize the technology that goes into producing the high quality, color, taste, appearance and nutritional value while reducing water demands, tillage, and respecting the land so we can continue to adequately feed a growing population. Modern farming practices allow growers to provide food, feed, fuel and fiber to an increasingly demanding planet while maintaining the stewardship role of protector of the land. I’m a fan of good food and modern technologies that will continue to enable us to maintain a healthy life.


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