Testimonial: Views from California

California is one of the largest agricultural states in the country, responsible for producing popular crops such as almonds, tomatoes and grapes, and contributing to a healthy regional and national economy. A few MMA participants shared their California-specific viewpoints in supporting modern agriculture:

“As a member of the California Association of Pest Control Advisors, I am occasionally asked to speak to civic organizations about pesticides in agriculture. Audience members are always surprised at the registration requirements and regulation that agricultural pesticides undergo in the U.S. When compared to the regulations outside of the U.S. in countries that import food to us, most audience members vow to only consume produce produced in the U.S. These presentations always prove to be eye-opening to the consumers of our industry – the industry that feeds the country.”

–          Roger, Bakersfield, CA

“I’ve had the pleasure of growing up in one of the greatest agricultural regions in the world, the San Joaquin Valley in California. As a kid, I never really understood the importance of what was happening in the SJV. I was heavily involved in the FFA during my high school days and that’s when my passion for agriculture really took off. After high school, I received my degree in agriculture education. While completing my degree, I worked a number of agriculture-related jobs in a variety of different types of processing plants. I worked in cantaloupe, tomato, and cotton processing plants. Just after completion of my degree, I was contacted by one of my previous supervisors, who had heard of an opportunity with one of the leading agriculture companies in the world! I got the job and for over 10 years I’ve been employed by a company that is dedicated to the future of sustainable agriculture.”

–          Scott, Atwater, CA

“Every day crops are threatened, whether it’s weather, disease, insects, and/or water that impacts the yield and quality of the crop. By using crop protection products to reduce pests, eliminate weeds, and eradicate disease, the crop protection industry is able to provide a safe and secure food supply for the entire world. As a pest control advisor in California, I play a key role in advising the use of these products in a safe and effective manner to ensure the quality and quantity that others have grown to expect from California agriculture. I’m proud to help produce the world’s food supply and provide growers with solutions to growing a quality crop.”

–          Meggie, Fresno, CA



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