Thank You, Farmers!

A small population of individuals (oftentimes families) work from before dawn until after dusk every day, all year long to grow the food we eat, the clothing we wear, the fuel that goes into our cars and so much more! This week, the Missouri Farm Bureau Federation invites everyone to show their appreciation to America’s farmers by participating in Thank a Farmer Week.

Below are just a handful of reasons why American farmers deserve to be thanked this week and every week of the year:

  • Simply put, farmers make it possible for us to stay healthy by growing nutritious food!
  • When it comes to managing pests and diseases, farmers take great precaution and follow label instructions if using crop protection products to see that crops are safely produced.
  • Consistently high levels of agricultural productivity in the U.S. allow consumers to spend just 10 percent of their personal income on food.
  • Farmers take environmental stewardship seriously and implement practices that help improve air, soil and water quality.
  • Agriculture is one of the thriving forces in the American economy and was affected less than other sectors by the nation-wide recession.
  • Think about your favorite holiday or special occasion – it would not be the same without the behind-the-scenes work that a farmer puts in.

This Ag Day infographic includes even more great examples of what farming means in the U.S. What are your reasons for thanking a farmer? Share them on Twitter this week and include the hash tag #ThankAFarmer.


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