Testimonial: Tour Guides for Agriculture

Communicating with others about modern agriculture can be an effective way to share information, but one of the best ways to understand agriculture is to gain firsthand exposure to the people, fields, products and equipment that work together to produce our food. These MMA testimonials show the benefits of bringing people directly to agriculture, whether through an educational lesson or weeklong bus tour through corn fields of the Midwest.


“Sustainable agriculture and good agricultural practices are topics that I try to promote and live by in my daily activities and work travels. My company always espouses these ideals and I in turn teach them wherever and whenever I can. Every year we teach some third grade children from the local schools about agriculture during an agricultural education fair. What we do and how we do it are questions that always come up. I see it as part of my obligation to help generate interest in agriculture as well as pass on some of the guidelines, practices and statistics along to these children.”

-Brett, Salinas, CA


“Each year my company hosts a tour for 8th graders. This is done in the hopes of sparking an interest in science in at least one student. Since we are an agrichemical company, we speak about the science behind ensuring a safe and abundant food supply. We ask the students to think about 9 billion people living on land that used to be farmland and using water that used to irrigate crops. We introduce these children to crop protection products (conventional and GMO) and explain how their use has increased yields far and above what farmers in the 1920s could produce. We give them an overview of plant, animal and environmental metabolism of crop protection products to determine if something of toxicological concern is formed after application. We also discuss how expensive food would be if all crops were grown organically. In the end, I think that the children and their chaperones have a better understanding of why our company makes the products we do and how they help provide a sustainable food supply.”

-Carol, Greensboro, NC


“This tour is no regular office meeting! There are no cushy chairs, coffee breaks or convenient restrooms down the hall, because these attendees find themselves out in the middle of Midwestern corn fields and traveling on a bus for an entire week. This mobile classroom is a place for leaders, innovators and ambassadors who want to take the company and their career to the next level. While the main purpose of the tour is for brand managers and global project managers to view the trial work respective to their active ingredients, they are far from the only guests. Along with educating the guests, the tour is a time for several field scientists to show off their work, explain their findings and hear about observations from other tour locations as well as around the world.”

-Becky, Minnetonka, MN


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