Making Choices at the Grocery Store

Modern agriculture allows for healthy choices at the grocery store. Thanks to modern farming, supermarkets are filled with a variety of foods from which shoppers can choose. CLA asked our Masters in Modern Agriculture alumni about their preferences regarding shopping for groceries. See their answers below:

Cindy, California:
Do you prefer small stores, supermarkets or bulk retailers? 
– We mostly shop at our local supermarket but because we live in an area where so much is grown locally, we also shop at farmer’s markets. We have a big garden, and my husband is a farmer and PCA [pest control adviser] so we get a lot of our produce out of our back yard.

• Do you look for certain labels, such as “Heart Healthy” or “Made with Real Fruit”?  
– Not so much, [we] try to buy as much fresh, unprocessed if possible. If [it is] processed, the label we generally pay attention to most is “low fat.”

Heather, Washington:
 Do you buy fresh produce or choose a mix of fresh and canned goods? 
– Mostly fresh, sometimes frozen, never canned. (I try to keep frozen veggies on hand because they are so quick and easy, even though I prefer fresh.)

• Do you make a list or follow your stomach?  
– I grew up tending the family garden and still have my own garden in the summer. My stomach loves fresh vegetables. I like lots of variety. Last week I bought broccoli and yellow squash. This week I’m thinking about eggplant and Brussels sprouts. It’s more fun to cook using lots of different vegetables. My favorite dessert is apple crisp. It’s good for breakfast, too!

Rob, North Carolina:
• Do you shop daily, weekly or sporadically?  
– Weekly, but with sporadic trips for needs.

• Do you buy fresh produce or choose a mix of fresh and canned goods? 
– Try to eat fresh most of the time but keep supply of frozen/canned for days with little time.

• Do you try to find foods rich in specific nutrients? 
– No, I try to eat a balanced diet which ensures all the proper nutrients.

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