Questions You Receive About Crop Protection

CropLife America asked our Masters in Modern Ag alumni about what questions they
receive regarding crop protection and what answers they give. Below are two of the
responses we received.

“[Questions I receive include:] Isn’t organic safer? Why do people need to use pesticides?talking people Do we really know the effects of pesticides long term? Isn’t GMO bad?  Are pesticides
killing the bees? Are pesticides polluting the water?

[In response,] I explain the difference between organic and conventional pesticides. I explain how little exposure there is to pesticides. [Also, I] explain why you can’t get the yield and quality we have today without crop protection tools. Really, I have to engage them to find out what is at the heart of their concern and then address that issue – it isn’t the same for everyone.”

  • Cindy, California

“Sunday I was getting my oil changed and I met a medical Internist and we started talking. Eventually we got to our professions. I told him one of my biggest challenges is getting the general public to understand that organic is not going to feed the over-all world population, just not possible. He agreed.

  • Keith, Indiana

Email Whitney Gray, CLA communications coordinator, the questions you receive and the answers you give! CLA includes the testimonials we receive in many of our materials, including our blog, newsletters and printed materials.

Photo source: University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment

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