Intellectual Property and Crop Protection Technology

Intellectual property (IP) contributes to innovation in almost all of the products we use, such as movies, music, cell phones and crop protection technology. IP protection, such copyrights, trademarks and patents, is needed to help inventors develop ideas, guarantee consumers receive an authentic product, and create incentive for investors to support ideas. The development of a new crop protection product can take 10 years and cost up to $256 million, making IP protections essential for continued advancement.

Continual innovation, protected by IP rights, helps farmers maximize their output and get
food to your plate, while minimizing agriculture’s environmental footprint. Click here to check out the following infographics from CropLife International (CLI) on how new farm technology developed with IP helps farmers:

  • Protect their crops
  • Preserve the soil
  • Maximize their maize
  • Strengthen their soybeans

To learn more, read CLI’s What Do the Experts Say, download the infographic Intellectual Property Helps Farmers Grow (below) or watch a series of short videos. Let’s keep innovation going!


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