Innovation Fuels Crop Protection Technology

With the development of modern ag, farmers use advanced technology based on sound science to protect their crops. Read the testimonials below from our Masters in Modern Ag alumni on why innovation is important to the advancement of crop protection products.

“I believe one of the largest misconceptions about agriculture is the importance of bringing innovative products [to farmers] to enable [them] to feed more families. While it is important to educate and demonstrate to growers how new products over the last decade increase yields and, in turn, profitability, it is also important to educate the non-grower community on why innovation and technology in agriculture are important to feed a growing population and why the investments in agriculture are so critical to help grow a healthy planet.”
- Cory, North Carolina

“The technologies that make possible today’s safe and affordable foods deserve our attention and support. And it is not just about today. That attention and support can help set the stage for advancing those technologies to feed the world tomorrow.”
- Greg, Missouri

“I would say the biggest misconception of modern agriculture is that there is a lack of science and technology behind the practices…Modern agriculture uses some of the most advanced chemical formulations to target specific pests. These formulations take years to develop and even more years to get approved for sale in the U.S. The combination of these advanced formulations and the well-trained American farmer makes these chemicals very safe when used in their proper ways.”
- Jeffrey, California

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