Your Pollinator-Friendly Garden!

With spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner, many of you may be spending more time planting, pruning and plucking flowers and vegetables in your yard. Pollinators play a big role in helping your garden blossom and grow, and it’s important to keep them buzzing all season long!

Pesticide technology can help gardeners such as yourself keep pests at bay and support plant growth. By practicing good pesticide stewardship, you can protect your garden from threats and keep bees busy and active year after year. Ways you can help bees include:

  • Plant native flora to provide a familiar food source to local pollinators.
  • Include diverse flower colors and fragrances in your garden.
  • Provide water and a sunny location.
  • Choose the right product for your pest problem, then read and follow label instructions.
  • Plant generously!
  • Read more about promoting pollinator health in your garden, including the tips above, at Debug the Myths.

CropLife America wants to know about your garden! Email Whitney Gray and let us know what you plant and how you keep your garden pollinator-friendly! Then, share our new pollinator-focused infographics (pictured below):

Bee Infographic_Diet_FINAL

Bee Infographic_Varroa_FINAL     Bee Infographic_Corn FINAL    Bee Infographic_Honey Production by State_FINAL    Bee Infographic_Total Honey Production_FINAL

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