CAPCA Members Speak Up About Modern Ag!

CropLife America (CLA) is pleased to announce the winners of the California Association of Pest Control Advisors’ Master’s in Modern Ag (MMA) Challenge! Sara Savary of the Fresno Madera chapter and Jared Souza of the Tulare-Kings chapter each completed the MMA and submitted testimonials that demonstrate their commitment to speaking up about the benefits of modern ag and the responsible use of crop protection products. Excerpts from their testimonials include:

  • “When I am checking a field, I am actually counting the pests, looking at any damage they may be doing, and deciding if the pest populations and the amount of damage they are doing are something the farmer can live with. There are many tools of Integrated Pest Management that are used to take a sample of what is there, how much damage is going on, what kinds of natural control may be going on, and how much the situation has changed since the last check…When used responsibly, [pesticides] can help farmers grow our food safely and with very low environmental impacts.” – Sara Savary, Fresno Madera Chapter
  • “In order for farmers to keep pushing the limits on production and to keep doing more with less resources, we have to utilize the advancements and technologies that are coming out every year. New technologies like GPS, auto steer, seed treatments, and tillage equipment is what keeps farmers progressive and looking for that extra ton or bushel an acre to feed the world’s growing demand…When presented with the opportunity to speak up and defend farmers and agriculture in general, I jump at it…One by one, just by speaking up when presented with the chance, we can start opening the eyes of the people who need to know [about modern ag] the most.” – Jared Souza, Tulare-Kings Chapter

Congratulations, Sara and Jared!

Interested in starting an MMA challenge at your organization? CLA can help support your challenge by assisting with logistics, writing copy, providing intranet/newsletter ads, and other activities. Contact Whitney Gray, communications coordinator at CLA, by email at or by phone at 202-872-3847 to get started! Download CLA’s MMA Challenge Flyer for more information.

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