Educating Friends and Family About Today’s Ag

As an agvocate for today’s sustainable farming methods, you can help spread the positive story of ag in America by sharing your experience and knowledge with your family and friends. Read the testimonials below about the ways agvocates teach those around them about today’s farming methods:

I support modern agriculture in America through my role as a National FFA (Future Farmers of America) Officer. Throughout my year of service I will travel 100,000 miles educating the youth of America about the agriculture industry. Part of my role is to incorporate agriculture advocacy within my workshops and keynote presentations. Not only will I interact with the youth of America, but also the business leaders of our great nation as I visit with sponsors of our organization.
- Ruth, Kentucky

I try to show people that pesticides are the opposite of impure and that, by definition, they reduce the “impurities” we, our property, and our food face. Most of the talks I give are centered around general household pest management, termite control, core safety, bee health, and similar topics. I help combat [negative] image[s] by highlighting how IPM (integrated pest management) tactics fit into modern pest management, how pesticides work on urban pests, and how our formulation and labeling make a huge difference in the life cycle of that product. We need more product stewards who understand how these tools work and [can] disseminate that message about pesticides.
- Matthew, New York

Personally, I plan to address the misconception of the farmer stereotype by encouraging agricultural education in the public school system. I will create and share lesson plans with teachers through professional development conferences and my local school system. Also, I plan to advocate for clubs, such as FFA, which encourage students to pursue careers in agriculture.
- Stacey

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