Testimonial: Looking Forward to Harvest, Reflecting on Improvements

As the summer months of 2015 come to an end and I start looking forward to harvest, the best part of every year to many, I can’t help but think about how much has changed over the past 80 years. Every year brings more technology than all of the years preceding it, and this is not as prevalent anywhere more than it is in today’s modern agriculture.

All of the changes and improvements that have been introduced to agriculture bring many questions and concerns from the general public that, unfortunately, have been removed from agriculture too long. When falsehoods are declared to the public through various forms of media, it is too easy for them to believe it when they don’t hear our side.

As a “family” we have to represent the agriculture industry and help educate the non-farming community, the consumers of our products. Only the agriculture community and its advocates can educate the general public on the truths about today’s modern agriculture. Education can begin with our youth in school programs such as Future Farmers of America (FFA).

The choice of conventional or organic agriculture should be an individual’s decision; however, we owe it to our neighbors to provide the information to [help consumers] make an informed decision. From synthetic and natural pesticides, seed treatments, tillage practices and nutrient management, there are many factors involved when making the right choice for each individual.


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