Fun Facts for Apple-Picking and Trick-or-Treating!

Autumn isn’t the same without a trip to the apple orchard, and crop protection products keep this seasonal tradition in bloom! Farmers use synthetic and organic crop protection products as needed to protect apple trees from harmful pests and disease, making sure they grow enough of this healthy fruit for everyone. When you visit a farm this season to pick apples with your children, school classes or friends, consider sharing the following facts:

  • Eating seven servings of fruits and vegetables (conventional or organic) a day can cut your risk of premature death by 42%.
  • Less than 1% of fruits, vegetables and grains tested by federal inspectors are found to contain residues exceeding allowable levels.
  • You would have to eat 500 apples in 1 day to experience any affect from pesticide residue.

Share these facts and more on social media with CLA’s infographic, How ‘Bout Them Apples? Then, check out CLA’s poster, Halloween without Candy or Jack-o-Lanterns? for information on how crop protection products keep your trick-or-treat bag full!

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