New MMA Specialty Certification: Protecting Our Pollinators

Pollinating species – such as bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles – support plant life and our ecosystems. Agriculture in particular relies on a healthy pollinator population to keep crops growing. In fact, farmers depend on both native pollinators and contract pollination services to promote the growth of over 90 commercially grown crops in North America. Every year, pollinators add more than $24 billion to our nation’s economy.[1]

The best way to keep our pollinators buzzing is to work together! Beekeepers, growers, the
crop protection industry and other stakeholders can all contribute to the effort to support pollinator health. Get your MMA specialty certification in Protecting Our Pollinators to learn more about how you can contribute to this national effort.


CropLife America’s (CLA) Master’s in Modern Ag (MMA) educational program includes our main MMA degree as well as three specialty certifications:

  • The Founders of Modern Ag
  • Supporting Soil Health
  • Protecting Our Pollinators

Make sure you’ve completed all three specialties in order to be a true master of modern ag!

[1] Fact Sheet: The Economic Challenge Posed by Declining Pollinator Populations, The White House, 2014.

Bee Infographic_Varroa_FINAL

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