Crop Protection Products Help Keep the Holidays Bright!

The holiday season is a special time. Family and friends travel far and wide to reconnect and spend quality time with one another. Food is a central part of these gatherings, as many people enjoy cooking with one another and sharing stories over hearty meals.

Through the responsible use of crop protection products, farmers keep our tables and kitchens filled with our favorite holiday foods. This holiday season, take the opportunity to talk about the benefits of today’s agricultural methods using CropLife America’s Holiday Traditions Communications Toolkit (print) (animated). The toolkit contains easy-to-share facts and social media postings, such as:

  • Fact: Insecticides help control the cranberry’s number one insect enemy, the cranberry fruitworm, whose feeding can result in more than 50 percent fruit loss.[1]
  • For Twitter: Pesticides fight pests that reduce #cocoa yields by 1/3, ensuring more mugs of #hotchocolate this holiday season

Find more communications toolkits to download on the Modern Agriculture Resources webpage.

Toolkit Holiday


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