New Infographics: Why Pesticides?

A company may decide to develop a new insecticide, herbicide or fungicide based on:

  • Current and potential threats to crops,
  • Consumer demand for safe and healthy food and
  • The practical needs of farmers, who manage their operations as part of their local agricultural communities.

Farmers use crop protection technology to fight invasive insects, weeds and plant diseases that attack fruit, vegetable, grain and fiber crops. Even after farmers harvest their crops, insects, rodents and molds can harm grains and produce. Luckily, post-harvest use of crop protection products can help prevent huge losses.

Let your friends and family know about the threats that farmers face and the benefits of pesticides using CLA’s new infographics, Why Do Farmers Use Pesticides? and Why Pesticides?

Why Pesticides       Why Do Farmers Use Pesticides

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