Celebrate Hardworking Farm Families

When you gather with your family for meals this month, take a moment to consider the hardworking families that grow America’s food. Read the testimonials below written by Master’s in Modern Ag alumni about the importance of family farms in the U.S. Then, share CLA’s infographic, Farms in the U.S., on your social media networks to show your support!

“As a fifth generation farmer, I support modern agriculture in America. Our family farm uses no-tillage, strip planting and crop rotation (corn, wheat and soybean) practices. Because of our location, we can plant/harvest three crops in two years. Overwintering wheat is an ideal cover crop for enriching the soil and for erosion control. We also grow other crops and vegetables with our latest project being GMO sweet corn for local markets and restaurants.

Although there is a lot of public negativity regarding modern practices (crop monocultures, GMOs, loss of diversity, pesticide use, etc.), our family farm is highly productive and has been for 170 years.  Sustainability is key for us and why wouldn’t it be for all farmers. After all, the farm is our business, our home and our future.”

  • Lisa, North Carolina

“The biggest public misconception about agriculture is that farming is either done by low-tech small operations or by mega-corporations who do not care about the environment and are solely profit-driven. The first image is created by advertisers, restauranteurs and purveyors at farmers’ markets. The latter image is driven by the efforts of anti-technology NGOs, fueled by fundamental ignorance about the realities of modern agriculture.

“Most people do not realize that 97% of America’s 2.2 million farms are family owned[1], are run on a very thin profit margin, and that farm families take great pride and responsibility for being stewards of the land. These same farmers are employing cutting edge technologies to generate the most productivity with the least waste or environmental damage. I can help improve awareness of modern farming by sharing this story and resources such as Tell Me More within my company and with my friends and family.”

  • Daniel, California

“I was raised on a family farm which is still in operation today.  Even though I am not actively engaged on a day-to-day aspect, I have two sisters and their husbands who farm the family farm along with their own land. I know how hard my sisters and brothers-in-law work, but not only do they work hard they constantly think about how they can effectively and efficiently grow nutritional, healthy crops that will help to feed the growing population of the world. Not only do they adapt to modern methods of farming with conservation practices, but they implement methods of farming that create a sustainable way of life on the farm.”

  • John, Illinois

[1] http://www.usda.gov/wps/portal/usda/usdamediafb?contentid=2015/03/0066.xml&printable=true

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