Healthy Eating Through Modern Ag

For many people, the New Year brings a stronger resolve to pay more attention to what we put in our grocery carts and order at restaurants, and modern ag helps give you those choices. From protein in pulses to fiber in whole grains and vitamin C in citrus fruits, today’s sustainable ag methods help farmers produce the nutritious foods that keep you going year-round. Read the testimonials below from our Master’s in Modern Ag alumni on how crop protection products are a key link in the process of getting healthy food to your plate.

“I support modern agriculture in America by providing robust packaging solutions for the safe and effective use of agricultural pesticides. As a packaging engineer, the manufacturing and packaging processes I deliver focus on environmental stewardship and farm worker safety. The work I do contributes to feeding the world’s population [by helping] farmers [to] produce more effectively within the limitations of land and weather variances. Everyone ought to support the hard working modern farmer who brings abundance for human sustenance under selfless and tedious conditions. Now everyone can enjoy a nutritious, crunchy and worm-free apple a day to keep the doctor away ─ made possible through the benefits of modern agriculture.”

  • Monica


“The biggest public misconception about agriculture is that agriculture today is not producing healthy food for the public. I hear all the time that apples today only contain a third of the nutrients of those grown in the 1930’s or 40’s. Of course you have those that believe that organically grown is the most nutritious. I think what would really help the public learn about today’s produce and their nutritional value is to [promote the benefits of modern ag] locally. Maybe have a food fair for the schools and businesses. Put articles out on social media…Let’s do something for the public to make them not only feel good about our products but know that our products are good for them.”

  • Melinda, Colorado


“The biggest public misconception about agriculture is easily that non-GMO, organic, gluten-free or hormone-free agricultural products are more nutritious than conventionally grown products. The public is confused and taking what television commercials, magazines and unreliable Facebook blog posts say for the truth. Every consumer is entitled to their own choice when buying food for themselves and their families, and it is my mission to make sure they are making a well-educated choice. To solve this problem, agriculturalists must simply speak up in their daily lives to their neighbors and to their Facebook friends. We must share our story and spread the truth about agriculture to everyone we know and, most importantly, remind them who produces their food.”

  • Courtney, Illinois
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