High School Students Show Their Support for Modern Ag!

A classroom of high school students from Kentucky recently completed the Master’s in Modern Ag honorary degree program, including all three specialty certifications. Each student had a lot to say in support of modern ag! Read some of their thoughts below:

“The biggest public misconception about agriculture is that it’s old school. People still believe that all agriculture is, is some old farmer out there plowing a field on his [tractor] or feeding some cows. The public does not understand how highly advanced farming has become. I mean don’t get me wrong, that farmer still is out there plowing on his [tractor], but now he is using a GPS system that allows him to drive the tractor around the field without even touching the wheel…A good way to show the public how advanced farming has become would be to interview old farmers that are still farming today. They could give firsthand accounts on how technology in farming has changed over the years and how much easier it is now with the new technology then it was in the past.”

“I know many people who are closely involved in agriculture. [Sometimes] I see people who aren’t in agriculture and I hear them speak of how they believe we are miserable out there on a farm, [yet] the people [working in agriculture that] I know are happy and love their work with animals and others. The people who aren’t in agriculture don’t usually understand how sometimes it is fun. They think we are suffering being put to work and that we just do it because we are told [to farm] by generations of our parents. [In reality,] we choose to do it because it gives us structure and is actually kind of fun when you get into it. Agriculture isn’t just plants and animals, it is a way to have fun and help people.”

“There are many ways that a high school student can support modern agriculture; however, I support modern agriculture by being active in my FFA chapter and supporting my Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE). By doing these things, I can help out in the community and help to inform the community about the importance of agriculture. Just recently, our FFA chapter had an Agriculture Awareness Day in which students from the middle school come to our school and students in FFA participate in informing these students about the different aspects of agriculture.  This is just one small example of how I support modern agriculture in America and in my community.”

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