Why Tell Me More?

Sometimes I am asked why CropLife America launched the Tell Me More program and why is it important. This is a good question, and it is crucial to remember that there is a growing disconnect in the understanding of how our food is grown. A recent example? Look at the 2011 survey results from the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance. In a survey of consumers, farmers and ranchers, research found that:

– 72 percent of consumers know nothing or very little about farming or ranching;

– 42 percent or two-in-five Americans say the way that food is grown and raised has improved in the last 10 years, while a slightly smaller group say it has worsened (37 percent);

– Of all the aspects of how food is grown and raised, Americans are most satisfied with the availability of healthy foods (73 percent) and food safety standards (66 percent);

– One in five consumers who say food production has worsened in the last 10 years cite environmental impact as the top area of demise;

The topics that consumers want to learn more about?

1.)    How chemicals are used in farming/ranching
2.)    How pesticides are used in farming/ranching
3.)    Food safety standards
4.)    Effect of government regulations on farming/ranching

Whether you are a farmer or rancher, work in the crop protection industry, or something other component of modern agriculture, you are a key part in helping to bridge the divide. If everyone feels confident talking about modern agriculture and its accomplishments, we can all help to address the top consumer concerns!

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