An Important Job

We all hear about the importance of a well-rounded diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. In fact, a number of respected public health organizations have spoken up about fruits and veggies, and why they are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The American Heart Association suggests eating at least 4-5 servings of fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables every day. They recommend that consumers “stock up on raw vegetables for snacks such as carrot and celery sticks, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and cauliflower.” Similarly, the American Cancer Society supports a diet rich in fruits and produce. They also say, “vegetables, fruits, and whole grains should form the central part of a person’s diet, regardless of whether they are grown conventionally or organically.” Thanks to modern agriculture, consumers have access to more fruits and vegetables, and at a lower cost.

Consider carrot sticks, a popular healthy snack:

  • Carrot weevils are insects which can damage up to 80% of the carrots in a field, and processors will not accept carrots with more than 1% damage by carrot weevil.
  • Without the use of insecticides, it is estimated that carrot yields would decline by 30-50%.

Want to add tomatoes to your salad?

  • Tomato fruitworm larvae bore deeply into the fruit and will destroy about 20% of the tomatoes in a field.
  • Thanks to the precise application of insecticides, farmers can reduce those losses to 2%.

With some help from modern farming tools, farmers are able to help provide the fruit and produce that groups such as the American Cancer Society recommend. Don’t forget to thank a grower for their important job: not just providing us with food, but helping us make healthy choices.




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