Testimonial: Brad

How does your job support modern agriculture in America?

I have been involved in the crop protection industry for over 29 years. My current position is a Technical Sales Consultant for Bayer CropScience in South Dakota. During my years I have witnessed many changes in modern agriculture. The farmers and industry personnel I work with on a daily basis are highly educated and have a diversified skill set that enables them to be successful in modern production agriculture. As a representative for Bayer CropScience I am providing recommendations and scouting fields on a regular basis, helping my customers achieve success in their operations.

The customers expect me to provide product information and expertise in crop production in the areas of weed control, insect management and disease management. This requires regular training and the willingness to learn about new products and production practices across the various crop segments. The crop protection products used today are rigorously tested and evaluated before they reach the market place. A key part of my job is ensuring that the products are used in a responsible and safe manner. As the number of people involved in agriculture and the ag-related industries continue to decline, creating a wider gap in the understanding of what goes into providing an abundant source of safe and secure food for a growing world population, we need to continue to tell our positive story.

Production agriculture is a high-risk game and mistakes can be costly. During the critical production periods, I scout fields and assist growers in making management decisions that will enable them to produce more from every acre of land.  The ability of the American farmer to increase the production of food, fiber and fuel during the last 25 years is astounding.  As farmers have been more focused on increasing production, it has not come at the expense of the land and the environment. Farmers are using modern technology and equipment to more accurately apply nutrients and crop protection products.  Production agriculture continues to evolve over time and I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with many great individuals to keep the future of farming and our industry bright.

Sioux Falls, SD


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