Testimonial: Tammy

How does your job support modern agriculture?

Not long ago, farmers took their produce to local markets for sale by wagons. Today, produce is shipped for sale all over the world by land, air and sea. As the Logistics Coordinator for Hybrid Rice, it is my job to ensure accurate inventory counts, and the shipping and delivering of our product in a timely and safe manner. By using modern technology such as computers, databases, UPC scanners, and portable printers I am able to give accurate information about our inventory and make decisions about shipping based on this information.

In your own home garden, it is easy to hand count your product before taking it to the local market to sell. This is not the case when your product is in several different locations, at several different stages of treatment from freshly harvested to bagged and ready for sale. The database allows me to look at each location for product, and it allows me to see how much of each stage of product I have on hand. Through the use of barcoded labels and a barcode scanner, inventory is scanned into the database allowing for an accurate count. Rather than using pen and paper to hand count the inventory in and out of the warehouse, the scanner is used.  There is less of a chance for error with the use of the barcode technology than a hand count.

By using these tools in my job function, I can provide accurate inventory information. This information in turn is used to make decisions on the number of units to sell, the number of units to plant, the profitability of a season and many other fiscal decisions. As with any other type of business, the objective of an agricultural business is to sell a product and make a profit. To meet this objective you must manage your resources wisely. It is easier to manage resources when you have accurate information such as inventory counts.

Orchard, TX


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