Testimonial: Victor

What do you think is the biggest public misconception about agriculture? How would you help to fix it?

The advertising market always pushes for organic foods as being healthier, making those of us that don’t know any better to form the opinion that anything other than organic is below par. The general public is unaware of all of the pests that farmers deal with year round; consumers just see the produce at the grocery store and don’t think about all the work it took for that produce to get to the store. For this reason, I believe that the biggest misconception is that the general public thinks we do not depend on pesticides and therefor can live without them.

I have worked in making pesticides and, in doing, so I have gained a great deal of respect for them. I know the public would see the need for pesticides if they saw what pesticide applications target. If I could fix this, I would fight back with the omitted truth from organic advertisers with educating the public through advertising.

We are populating the earth more and more every day but we don’t realize that with more produce demand you get more pests, because more crops means more food for pests, too. Growing plants without pesticides is like us not needing medicine for infections or diseases. We have to control pests if we want to continue to feed the growing world with what limited land we have.

Kansas City, MO


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