Testimonial: Ronda

How does your job support modern agriculture in America?

My name is Ronda and I am a Registration Assistant. It is my job to submit registration requests to the EPA, the various states, and assist our global groups with registrations in their countries. This entails making sure that the various agencies get the information that they need to review our products in a timely fashion, the information is in the correct format, and as complete as possible. The information that I process provides the proof that our products do what they say they will and tells the user how to use the products in a safe manner.

Before coming to Dow AgroSciences, I didn’t understand the rigorous testing and length of time it takes for a product to go from an idea to a product on the shelf for sale. I am proud of how this industry works so hard to provide the best solutions to the growers around the world to increase the yield of product to feed our growing world and just as importantly of the safety measures designed to protect the growers as well as the consumers. Our people are always looking for better ways to use our products and new products that will provide better protection of the food and products grown to feed and provide.

Indianapolis, IN



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