Testimonial: Paul

Question: Imagine your favorite dish at dinner with your family on a Sunday night. What is it? How do modern growing practices help to ensure it makes it all the way to your plate?

On a warm and muggy summer night, we like to cook a meal that consists of salad items that are fresh from the garden, along with the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven and a casserole of tangy eggplant parmesan.

We are very fortunate in this country that our food supply is so plentiful due in a large part to modern farming practices that are used by our farmers. Pesticides protect our farm produce against harmful fungal diseases that would take over 60 percent of our tomato crop and over 50 percent our lettuce crop. In trying to grow a small family garden, I see how fungal diseases and insects can and will totally destroy a crop of cabbage, broccoli and tomatoes. Thanks to the advances in pesticide research, we have the most plentiful food supply in the world that our farmers deliver to us at a very reasonable price for us to enjoy.

Stoneville, MS

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