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Question: How does your job support modern agriculture in America?

When we hear the term “agriculture” we often think of the corn and soybean fields we drive by every day or the fruits and vegetables available at the roadside markets. While these are certainly among the most visible aspects of the industry, there is also a large, mostly unseen network of activity that goes into supporting farmers and making it possible to get those juicy, ripe tomatoes to your table.

One way  my team and I (in International Logistics) impact modern agriculture is by ensuring that the raw materials needed to produce our products are imported and delivered in a timely manner. The complex chemistry of modern pesticides requires a multitude of raw materials, many of which are not available in the U.S. and must be imported from foreign sources. Timing is a critical factor as we try to balance transit times, production schedules and seasonal demands. The role of Import Logistics and Compliance is to make sure that products arrive in the U.S., are cleared through Customs and transported to the production facilities as efficiently as possible while complying with all applicable regulations.

Another way we contribute to the successful production of crops worldwide  is by exporting finished products to countries around the world. By providing quality products to our customers at the right time, Export Operations help ensure successful fruit and vegetable production around the world. Often, this produce will find its way back to the U.S. to supplement domestic production or maintain a supply of fresh products during the winter months.

Globalization has made it possible, and in some cases necessary, to move products between continents in order to maintain a steady flow of raw materials, finished goods and crop products. International Logistics and Trade Compliance  are key players in keeping those materials moving.

Durham, NC


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