Testimonial: Neil

Question: How does your job support modern agriculture in America?

Since beginning employment with my company over seven years ago, I have spent many days, nights, weekends, holidays, and overtime hours running and maintaining equipment which manufactures important active ingredients. I am directly involved with the production of an herbicide active ingredient on both the intermediate and final product level, a fungicide on the intermediate level, and a fungicide on both the intermediate and final product level. By helping to make the production plant in Kansas City, Missouri, as productive as possible, I play a direct role in supporting modern agriculture by ensuring that farmers have the tools necessary to fight off threats to their crops.

I know that the work I do has a direct impact on sustainable agriculture without a substantial amount of inquiry. Without the products we make through various chemical and physical manipulation methods, crops would be overtaken by nourishment-robbing weeds and fungus. While organic vegetables may be a marketable option, the truth is that the “Tell Me More” program illustrates the amount of destruction of natural lands that would be necessary for solely organic production to match realistic demands for both today and in the future.

Through improvements in our plant; refinement in production methods; and focus on safety, quality, and quantity, our plant will continue to provide a significant contribution to modern agriculture. The need for active ingredients for use in modern agriculture is real. This reality is what makes our plant a safe and productive part of feeding the world.

Kansas City, MO


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