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Question: How does your job support modern agriculture in America?

I am a Global Regulatory Affairs Manager – Insect Resistance Management with the bioscience group.  On the surface, the job title looks like it has nothing to do with supporting modern agriculture. But modern agriculture considers not only the production of food but how that food is produced. Consumers want to have the assurance that the food was produced in a safe and sustainable manner, and my job plays a role in providing that assurance.

The use of transgenic crops is one of the most rapidly adopted technologies in the history of agriculture.  Plants that can tolerate herbicides or protect themselves from damaging insects have provided producers new ways to keep their farm operations profitable and provide food and fiber for a growing world population. My specific role is to make sure that the technology (both insect and herbicide tolerance) being launched by  my company will be useful to producers for a long period of time. Educational programs and monitoring programs are in place to make sure that resistance to the technology is delayed indefinitely and is available to producers for a long time.

The insect tolerance in the plant will reduce the number of insecticide applications that are necessary when pests build up to overwhelming numbers. The product in the plant is safer than traditional foliar insecticides and thus leads to a safer product for the consumer. This means that producers will spend less money and make more of a crop thus leading to greater profits. As a result, the producer will be around next year and the following years providing food and fiber.

Research Triangle Park, NC


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