Launched in 2010, CropLife America distributes a monthly Tell Me More e-newsletter to members. In this newsletter, you will find explanations of current news stories your neighbors may be discussing, and talking points about your industry. You’ll also find conversation starters, answers to frequently-asked questions, and examples of how Tell Me More is being used successfully by other member companies. With each edition, CropLife America will produce a downloadable resource that you can use within your own organization to educate yourself and others about the benefits of our industry.

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  • April 2011

    • Update Welcome This month’s edition of Tell Me More touches on a number of important subjects. Many readers may have seen some confusing and misleading news last week about organophosphates, an...
  • March 2011

    • Welcome to the March edition of Tell Me More! Spring is officially upon us, which means the return of spring plantings, farmers markets, and enjoying all of the benefits of modern agriculture.
  • February 2011

    • Welcome to the February edition of Tell Me More! CropLife America is pleased to report that the Tell Me More Member Company Challenge is well underway and we continue to receive many great submissions and stories of our industry’s...
  • January 2011

    • Welcome to the January edition of Tell Me More. Now that the busy holiday season is behind us we look forward to many new opportunities to share information on modern agriculture with friends and family!
  • December 2010

    • Welcome to the December edition of Tell Me More! The Holiday season is upon us, and CropLife America hopes that you are able to take advantage of the many opportunities to discuss modern agriculture with your family and friends during...
  • November 2010

    • The staff at CropLife America will soon be celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends, and we hope that you have the opportunity to do the same!
  • October 2010

    • Welcome to the October edition of Tell Me More! With the change of season and new fall weather, I hope that you have had the opportunity to enjoy all of the great fall produce that is available across the USA at this time of the year.
  • September 2010

    • Now is the time for you to become part of the Tell Me More Member Company Challenge Program – running through January 31st, 2011. As you read through our most recent stories and conversation starters, start thinking about ways that you...
  • August 2010

    • The Tell Me More Member Company Challenge Program has begun! CropLife America has provided you with tools – talking points, presentations, brochures and more – so that you can challenge yourselves and your employees to talk about...
  • June 2010

    • Welcome! Tell Me More is CropLife America’s educational program about the benefits of our industry, created especially for employees of member companies.