What is Tell Me More?

Tell Me More is CropLife America’s educational program about the benefits of the crop protection industry, created especially for employees of CLA member companies. Tell Me More aims to educate employees about the crop protection industry and modern agriculture to enhance worker pride and knowledge, and to increase comfort in speaking about the industry and issues surrounding it.

Through the materials found on this website, you can educate your colleagues, staff, local civic organizations, or even your next door neighbors, with PowerPoint presentations, posters, fact sheets and more. So click through the website and check out the resources that you have right at your fingertips!

Your feedback is also important. Do you have general questions about the crop protection industry? Want more information about a specific topic and talking points for it, so that you can have an informed conversation with friends and neighbors? Is there a particular resource or presentation that you’d like to use to further educate your organization? Please let us know; your input is important as we continue to produce resources and communications pieces for our member companies.

To give any feedback or thoughts, please contact Whitney Gray.