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  • Masters in Modern Agriculture (MMA)
  • MMA Specialty Certification: The Founders of Modern Ag
  • MMA Specialty Certification: Supporting Soil Health
  • MMA Specialty Certification: Protecting Our Pollinators

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Masters in Modern Agriculture

Farmer FieldAfter two years and hundreds of participants, CropLife America’s Masters in Modern Agriculture (MMA) now features brand new content and quiz materials, making it easier than ever to receive this honorary degree! The MMA is designed to help everyone learn something new about agriculture and crop protection products, whether you have years of experience within the industry, come from a farming background or know little-to-nothing about agriculture. The MMA also provides an opportunity to share a written or video testimonial on your personal connection to modern agriculture. Select testimonials will be featured in Tell Me More materials such as newsletters and blog posts.

MMA Specialty Certification: The Founders of Modern Ag

Looking to learn more about crop protection after completing your MMA degree?Field
Complete CLA’s new specialty certification, The Founders of Modern Ag!

Intensive scientific research and robust investment in modern agriculture during the past 50 years and earlier has helped farmers double food production while essentially freezing the footprint of total cultivated farmland. These developments would not have been possible without the contributions of key individuals studying the environment and the genetics of plants. MMA are invited to complete this specialty certification to learn more about the figures who paved the way for modern farming methods.

MMA Specialty Certification: Supporting Soil Health

Healthy soil grows healthy plants. From the time a seed first enters the earth until a mature crop is harvested, a plant relies on the soil to house it and provide it with nutrients. Farmers can help keep soil healthy and productive through sustainable agricultural practices, such as an integrated pest management program that includes the responsible use of pesticides. Pesticides and other crop protection technology help growers reduce erosion, prevent runoff, sequester carbon and use less land while growing more.

Learn more about the importance of nurturing our soils and preventing erosion by completing CLA’s Masters in Modern Ag Specialty Certification: Supporting Soil Health.


MMA Specialty Certification: Protecting Our Pollinators

Pollinating species – such as bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles – support plant life and our ecosystems. Agriculture in particular relies on a healthy pollinator population to keep crops growing. In fact, farmers depend on both native pollinators and contract pollination services to promote the growth of over 90 commercially grown crops in North America. Every year, pollinators add more than $24 billion to our nation’s economy.

The best way to keep our pollinators buzzing is to work together! Beekeepers, growers, the crop protection industry and other stakeholders can all contribute to the effort to support pollinator health. Get your specialty certification in Protecting Our Pollinators to learn more about how you can contribute to this national effort.

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By getting your Master’s in Modern Ag (MMA) and challenging your co-workers to do the same, your team can stay up-to-date on the latest innovations and issues that arise in the pesticide industry. CLA can help support your challenge by assisting with logistics, writing copy, providing intranet/newsletter ads, and other activities. Contact Whitney Gray, communications coordinator at CLA, by email at or by phone at 202-872-3847 to get started! Download MMA Challenge Flyer for more information.


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